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fiction writer crime fighter crime investigation criminal underworld criminologist criminology cringe crude humor cruel mother-in-law cruelty cruise cruise ship cultivation cultural cultural difference cultural heritage cyber terrorism cyber thriller cyberbullying cybercrime cybernetic daigo daikon daily life dakota dangerous projects daniel boone danmark danswedstrijd daydreaming dc comics dc extended universe de amores y delitos dea agent death of sister death of wife death on duty death penalty delinquency delinquent delirious delivery boy delivery service derelicts description to words and things without an dilemma desert desert island diabolical ego dialect diamond diamond heist diamond theft diplomat diplomatic crisis director dirigible disparate team disparition disposable disputas dissection dmt dmz dna dna testing dolphin domaca serija domain dome domestic abuse double act double agent double cross double date drama class drama club drama school drama teacher drame familial drop-out drowning drug drug abuse dual identity dual life dual role dubbing dublin dylan dog dynastie dynasty dysfunctional family ebola eccentric eccentric family eccentric man ecchi education system educational educationist edutainment elephant elevator elite elite forces elite sniper emotions emperor empire empire fashion engineering england english channel english civil war english country side environmental environmental activist environmental conservation environmental destruction erotic erotic art erotic fantasy erotic movie erotic thriller eternal life eternal love eternal youth eternity everglades everyday life everyday lives eviction evidence room ex-cop ex-girlfriend ex-husband ex-wife relationship ex-lover ex-prisoner expatriate expectant father expectant mother expecting twins extreme activities extreme sports eye eyesight falls false accusations false identity false imprisonment family issues family life family of color family power struggle family problems fantastic 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german navy german occupation german politics german pub giant insect giant monster giant monsters giant robot giant spider glbt issues glee club glitch glitter gold rush golden eagle golden fleece golden gate gothic gothic horror gourmet gourmet cook grandmother grandson relationship grandparent grandchild relationship grandparents grandson green beret green goblin green living greenhouse guardian angel guernsey guerre 39-45 guyana guyane guédelon gwen stacy gyaru halloween hallucination hallucinogen hallucinogenic drug hardworking harem harlem harlem renaissance healing process health health and fitness health and safety heir to estate heiress heisei era heist heroism hidden agenda hidden camera hidden identity high technology highlander highlands highlights historical historical drama historical event historical fiction hole holiday holiday abroad holiday camp homeland homeless homeless child homeless man horror comedy horror fans horror filmmaking horror for children hot sauce hot spring hotel hotel bar housing project houston hoverboard hovercar how to humanity humankind humanoid humanoid robot hybrid hydro-québec hyena hyperlink cinema hypersteam hypnosis hypnotherapy hypnotism iguana ikea ilkhanate illegal activity illegal aliens imp impact impaired impala spaceships incurable disease indefra independence independence movement independent film infestation infidelity infiltration infirmière insane asylum insanity insect insecurity inside man intelligence agency intelligence agent intelligence assessment intelligence officer interracial marriage interracial relationship interracial romance interrogation intersex investigator investing investment investment firm ironic adventure ironic humor irony irresistible little girl irreverence italian food italian history italian immigration italian renaissance japanese culture japanese cyberpunk japanese emperor japanese folklore japanese girl hero jericho jerusalem, israel jesuit jesus jobless jockey john f. kennedy joint family joke julio verne julius caesar julkalender jump sq kalimantan kangaroo kanpai senshi after v kansas karaoke ketchup kgb khmer rouge kicked out king of england king tut kingdom kingdom of goguryeo, korea kingpin konkurrence konst konstskola korea kyodai hero kyoto japan kærlighed l'aquila la dinastia landfill landlady landlord landlord tenant relationship law law enforcement law enforcement satire law firm leisure lemur leonardo da vinci leopard liberation army libertadores librarian library lifestyle light lily limited series live television liverpool living abroad living alone london fire london underground london, england londoners lost boys lost child lost city lost civilization love of animals love polygon love problems love quadrangle lying lynch mob lynx lyricist magazine magazine editor magazine show magic makai knight make up man makeover makeup malpractice malta mambo mammals manipulation of the media manipulative manitoba mankell marionettes marital crisis marital problem marital separation martial law martian martian civilization martin luther massage therapist master master disciple relationship master servant relationship mazarin maze mazinga mazinger mbc medical medical breakthrough medical clinic medical college megalodon megaloman megalopoli megami tensei megaten mental link mental telepathy mentalism mentalist metro metropolis metrosexual meurtre mexican middle-aged architect middle-earth midlife crisis midnight millennials millennium milliardaire million millionaire minnesota minority mira foundation miracle mississippi river missouri mist mistake mistaken identity modern art modern china modern day adaptation modern fairy tale mono monogatari monologue monster monster island morning show moroccans morocco morph motoring motorsport motown mount druitt mount everest muhammad ali multi-committed multi-segment multicultural studies murder suspect murder trial murdered murdered fiancée murderer music style music teacher music tour music tv program mysterious force mysterious letter mysterious man mysterious past mysterious photo nantucket napa valley naples, italy napoleon natural habitat natural history natural resources nazi schutzstaffel (ss) nazi trials nazis nazism nemocnice neo nazism neo verona neo-nazis neo-noir new guinea new home new identity new jersey news news broadcast news magazine nightclub nightclub act nightclub entertainer nightclub owner nommer asseblief non fiction non violent non-human protagonist nonlinear timeline northern france northern ireland northern lights northerner nuclear holocaust nuclear power nuclear power plant nuclear war object animation object oriented design objects observational comedy odyssee odysseus off road off the grid offbeat old bailey old california old car old dark house once on this island oncology ward one armed man one day one last job opposites opposites attract optimista optimistic orphan orphanage orphans ortega orthodox outfit outlaw outlaw country music 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western canada prank prank gone wrong prank telephone call presidential candidate presidential debate presidential election press prison cell prison escape prison guard prison life prison reform production profanity profesionáli profession property development prophecie prophecy prophet prosecution psychic powers psycho psycho killer psycho-sexual puberty pubescent public access public affairs public art punk punk band punk music punk rock quantum physics quarantine quatermass quebec quebec city race against time race car race relations racecar driver rags to riches railroad railway railway station rain rappers raptor rare disease rarity reality vs fantasy reality vs fiction realtor reanimated corpse reanimation red army red arrows red carpet red coats rejuvenate rekindled romance relation relationship relationship problems remoteness removal man renaissance renaissance fair rescued research research facility research laboratory researcher retiree retirement retirement community retirement home rhythmic gymnastics rich rich brat rich family rich girl rise and fall rise to power risky situations rite of passage robot robot cop robot dog robot fighting role playing game role reversal roller coaster roller derby rookie cop room roommate roommate issues ruby rude rugby ruhr russian novels russian obscene speech russian occupation russian police sahara sailing ship sailor sailor moon santa claus santa compaña santa monica california santiago saxons sbt scam scandal school principal school shooting school system school teacher scotland scotland yard scottish scottish highlands search and rescue search for child search for father search for mother secret investigation secret life secret love secret lover self build self confidence self consciousness self empowerment senses sensitive sensuality sentimental sex addiction sex change sex comedy sex crime sexual behavior sexual blackmail sexual discovery sexual encounter shaman shamanism shana shanghai, china shaolin shipwrecked shiralee shock humor shoe shoujo-ai shounen shounen ai show business show room silly simpler life simplicity simulated reality skateboarder skateboarding skeleton skeptic skepticism slave trade slavery slavs sled dogs smart kid sme smeg soap opera sobriety social social & cultural documentary social prejudices social problems social realism social satire social scandal son son of god son-in-law song south sea island south seas south sudan space opera space pirate space program space race sparta greece spawn spca speakeasy speaking horse spider spider-man spin off spinster sports documentary sports drama sports entertainment sports hero stage stage actress stagecoach staline state state crimes staten island, new york city statistician statistics stolen child stolen identity stolen money stomach stray kids street street crime street dance street fighter studies studio audience stunt stuntman subway tunnel success succession succubi succubus super super cars super computer super power superstition supervillain supervivientes support group supporter survival horror survival show survivalism survivalist swimming club swimming pool swimming team swimsuit swindler systemic racism table tennis tabletop tabloid talking animals talking baby talking cat talking dog talking dragon tattoo tattoo artist tattoo shop tattooing teen adventure teen anger teen angst teen comedy teen drama teenager teenagers teheran (tehran), iran tel aviv templar temporal travel temptation ten commandments tenant texas ranger text message texting tgcf the virus the voice the walking dead the white house the witcher thriftstore thriller thriller psychologique throuple tiny tiny home tip top tirana titanic torture chamber torture victim total lack of context totalitarianism tracking device trade trade embargo trade union tradegy trans woman transatlantic transexual transfer trapped trapped in a game trapped in space trash trash talk triad triads triage trial tropical island trot music 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